Meet our Staff

Tammy Shumaker - Head Technician

Tammy Shumaker is our head technician. Her duties cross a vast area of skill sets from inventory to surgery and animal preparation to laboratory analysis and in-patient care. Tammy is a native of Buckingham, Va and now resides in Farmville. She received both her undergraduate degree in Biology and her Masters degree in Environmental Studies from Longwood College. Tammy worked with Dr. Carr in Appomattox during her college years and they were reunited to open Blackstone Animal Clinic. Her hobbies include softball, bowling, jewelry crafting and stained glass designing. A hound lover since birth, Tammy shares her home two fine Walker Hounds and several special needs cats. Not to mention a couple of sheep!

Ann Ingram - Kennel & Technician Assistant

Ann joined the Blackstone Animal Clinic team in the Fall of 2009. After retiring from a long and fulfilling teaching career, she just was not ready to "fully" retire. She finds her new charges to be just as tractable as her former students. They do shed more, though. Ann and her husband, Dickie, reside in Crewe. She is an avid birder and member of the Margaret Watson Bird Club.

Karen Wilson - Clinic Manager

Karen has been working in the customer service field for many years, and no, she's not telling how many. Her duties around the clinic are many and varied. A typical day may include receptionist duties, business and social correspondence, customer service, food inventory and ordering, staff scheduling, accounts receivable and cleaning the litter box!

Karen and her husband, Tony, are both avid horse enthusiasts. A former competitor in Western & Hunter Pleasure and Trail Class, her favorite "event" now is trail riding. They both actively compete in Cowboy Fast Draw. Karen and Tony reside in Victoria where they share a small farm with 4 dogs, 1 cat, an ever growing herd of goats and 5 horses.

Donna Orange - Receptionist

A familiar face in Blackstone, Donna joined our staff in August of 2011. A wonderful addition to our front desk staff, Donna brings with her many years of customer service experience. She and her husband, Donny, reside here in Blackstone with several furry friends.

Courteney Rife - Receptionist

Courteney and her husband, Hans, were long time clients of the clinic before we recruited Courteney as a part time receptionist. She graciously accepted our offer and has been providing excellent customer service, as well as, the much needed opportunity for time off to our full time receptionists.

Courteney's husband, Hans, is our much appreciated IT go to guy and fixer of all things computer related. If we can find job opportunitied for their many feline companions, we will have the entire family on the payroll!

Dana Derflinger - Kennel & Technician Assistant

Dana is a 2012 graduate of Nottoway High and is currently enrolled at SVCC. Our newest employee, Dana has easily blended in with the staff and took to her duties as if she had been doing it all her life! Dana has also worked as a part time milker for Triple R Farm since 2008. We are pleased to have her on our team.

Kristin Richardson - Receptionist

Kristin and her family have been coming to Blackstone Animal Clinic since we first opened the doors in September of 2003. After moving to Richmond and working at Church Hill Animal Hospital, she moved back to Kenbridge and we welcomed her to our staff.

Kristin is a 2012 graduate of Central High School and is currently enrolled in SVCC.

Her hobbies include reading and anything she can do outdoors. She shares her home with two dogs, Bella and Dee-O-Gee, and two cats, Saber and Riley.